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We’ve partnered with some pretty incredible companies for the build of our bus and our 2 year tour around the United States. Meet them and support them online! Click here to see a FULL bus tour and see them LIVE.

If you’d like to partner with amazing brands for your own build or project, click here to order my NEW BOOK! Sponsors for Nomads, 7 Steps To Free Products From Your Favorite Brands.

Go Power Solar

From their beginnings as a small Canadian distributor of solar energy products, Go Power! has grown to become one of North America’s leading suppliers of recreational and business solar solutions.

Now a subsidiary of California-based Valterra Products, Go Power! provides a full range of high-quality solar chargersinverterscontrollers and power accessories — dependable and cost-effective mobile power solutions when grid power is unavailable or unsustainable.

Contact: https://gpelectric.com/contact-go-power/

Sherwin Williams

Your Color Your Way!

Your next DIY starts here! They love helping you find the perfect color, but finding the right project is just as important. Whether you’re looking to make your bedroom cozier or turn your backyard into an oasis, their project center features dozens of step-by-step guides that make it easier than ever to live a colorful life at home.

Contact: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/inspiration/project-center

Love Bee Products

Lovebee products contain all natural, organic, non-chemically treated, gluten-free ingredients from vetted, trusted (often local) suppliers and are lovingly hand-crafted in small batches in Ridgeway, Ontario!

Lovebee is operated by a small (yet amazing) team of people (and of course, their little Willow & Eden Bees). They are passionate and dedicated to creating wholesome products for every age and stage of life.

Contact: https://www.lovebee.buzz

Omnia Sweden

With the Omnia recreational oven you can serve freshly baked breads and tasty casseroles cooked on your stovetop. Almost everything that can be heated, baked or cooked in a fixed, domestic oven can be baked in an Omnia on the hot plate. Think oven, think Omnia!

Contact: https://omniasweden.com/en/home/

Builder’s Discount Center

Builder’s Discount Center has been providing quality service and low prices to customers for over 30 years. Our unique drive-thru warehouse allows you to drive in, quickly load up and save on a large selection of first quality and discount building materials. Visit your local BDC, where no project is too large or small and saving money is a priority.

Contact: http://buildersdiscount.net

Harvest Hosts

Wineries, farms, breweries, museums, and more

Free overnight stays at over 1044+ incredible locations across North America

Contact: https://harvesthosts.com


At Nebia, we have spent the past seven years building an entirely new shower concept. After many iterations, we believe we’ve come up with a shower experience that is better in every way.

Nebia is meticulously crafted to embody the highest standards of experience, design, and engineering, while setting a new standard for water and energy use. With water savings up to 65% compared to standard showers, Nebia was designed to make a meaningful impact.

Contact: https://nebia.com

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