From The Mouths Of Women

I’m often surprised by people. More specifically I’m surprised by how unknowingly some of us are harming others. I’ve made a lot of big shifts in my life over the last couple of years and it’s been the reactions of others that make me realize why some people are so scared to do the same in their own lives. 

Here are some of the changes I’ve made, the things I hear, and why I think women need to DO BETTER.

3 years ago, I made the decision to sell everything I own and turn a school bus into a Tiny Home to travel around the United States for 2 years. I wanted to see America, lead workshops for women and start a podcast on Youtube.


Actual laughter. 

So you think you’re gonna be some sort of Youtube star or something? 

Why would you ever live in a bus? 

Aren’t we a little old for this?

Insert jaw dropped and a tear in the corner of my eye.

Any time a woman comes to you with a dream, you should be supporting her. Any time a woman has decided that she’d like to live bigger, or do more, or step outside of her comfort zone figure out a way to help her get closer. Save your jokes and your eye rolls for your alone time and your mirror. Your sarcasm screams of fear. It tells me that you think your time exploring your own passions has expired. Stop projecting your limiting self beliefs on to brave women. Maybe she isn’t brave and she’s just TRYING to be brave. Your comments could scare her enough not to try. How dare you?

Living in a Skoolie was an INCREDIBLE experience! Hard, but worth it. And now I own a home. HERE is that podcast by the way! And no, I didn’t have plans to become a Youtube star. I just wanted to have dope conversations about things that mattered to me. Mission accomplished! And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Recently, I made a truly hard choice to walk away from a toxic marriage. This was not a rash decision or one that I take lightly. I posted about my leaving on social media after the decision had been made and with the support of my tribe that carried me through.

Reactions in my DM’s:

You need to update me! 

WTH? How come I don’t know this? 

Give me the DEETS girl!

Where is your husband?


If you and I were close, then you already knew. If you heard about it on social media then perhaps you should pause and ask yourself when the last time was that you and I spoke? Or you reached out to me? Are we actually friends? 

When you read that a woman has left a relationship. Left a marriage. Left her home? Offer support first and temper your questions with some warmth and grace. 

I am ESPECIALLY dumbfounded by white women doing this! During this Civil Rights Movement, I’ve detailed instances of being chased out of towns by racist cops. Of the fear we felt traveling through America. Of having to be ferried from a rest stop to a stranger’s home so that we had a safe space to sleep. If you didn’t DM me demanding details then? Then, again, how dare you? If you have a Black friend in your life and you didn’t SHOW UP over the last year, believe me when I say she is not interested in sharing any part of herself with you now. 

Here are a few beautiful messages I received: 

I saw your post, and please know if you need anything I’m here for you.

I know that we haven’t been in touch in a while but I hope you know I’m here if you need a friend.

Now, this one below?? It’s shocking how many of these I’ve gotten.

I’m so sorry for you and for all of these changes you’re having to make.

I’m sorry for you when you write this… The assumption is that women must be sad and worse off now that they are alone. That changes are bad. Your first reaction is pity. Why? 

Why is your internal belief that being in “something” must be better than being with just yourself?

The BEST message I received?

Go Head Girl! I don’t know what happened but I know this shit is tricky and I hope you land in joy and peace and happiness!


Speak hope in to women’s ears! Congratulate them on choosing themselves. Let them know it may be hard but that it WILL work out. Women don’t need pity. We need other women in our corners roaring along with us!

I write all of this because we need to DO BETTER. This time in history is fucking hard. We need each other. And we need to become more intentional about how we show up and how we care collectively. Watch your mouth! Not everyone’s ears have as much attitude as mine 🙂 What you say matters and can make all the difference in a woman’s life and the direction she takes. Be part of her progress.

Namaste Y’all

7 thoughts on “From The Mouths Of Women

  1. Renee Hudgins April 9, 2021 / 2:10 pm

    Damn Sundari! I love what you say in these posts. Thank you for nailing it and then putting it out there to remind us. We need to do better – for sure. I feel fortunate to know you and to watch you via your posts. Thanks. You are a rock star! ✨💫🌟 Om Om, Renée


  2. Dory Smith April 9, 2021 / 2:40 pm

    My motto throughout these blessed 70 years has been…”the adventure begins when things go wrong”. It’s kept me open and available even in the most challenging moments. Your challenges are before you, as is your joy & peace. It is your journey. I love how a chance meeting for a few minutes outside a gift shop near Joshua Tree has brought such a strong, beautiful woman into my life.❤


    • sundaribliss April 9, 2021 / 3:00 pm

      I LOVE that we met that way! As I stalked your dog 🙂 And thank you Dory!


  3. April April 9, 2021 / 6:19 pm

    💛 yesssss girl yes!!
    I love your writing and perspective so much. I too sold everything I owned several years ago and bought my vintage airstream and a 4Runner to tow it and took off to FINALLY live my life for ME, to invest in myself as a photographer and have now traveled solo 65,000 miles across the country meeting the coolest people and hiking gorgeous trails and swimming or dipping my toes in all the coastline towns Across the country 🇺🇸 … I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything! I’m thankful to be connected with you on Instagram and meet other women that are saying yes to their inner voices. 💛💛💛 thank you for your voice and your smiles and your encouragement. You are beautiful, you are loved!



  4. Swami Vidyananda April 11, 2021 / 1:41 am

    Choosing to travel your Path solo is rich and deep, and can be a powerful vehicle to speed up your evolution. Welcome to the wide open space of being whole in yourself while being held by the love of so many of us from near and far. Thank you for keeping us posted, and keeping us aware of the impact of our words and attitudes


    • sundaribliss April 11, 2021 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you Swami Vidyananda! I do truly feel “whole” in this moment and I so appreciate your message…


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